Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gym Sins

There are times where I wish cameras were allowed at the gym.  Today I witnessed a guy wearing flip-flops on the exercise bike next to me and while on the elliptical, the girl in front of me was wearing cowboy boots.  Seriously.  Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

"Who cares?"  my husband asked.  "Me.  I care,"  I sound off.  This is my daily beef.

While I'm at it, you do NOT need to wear make-up to the gym.  Or perfume.  Pit stick, on the other hand, is a must.

I go to the gym to stay healthy, so please cover your mouth when you cough and use a tissue when you sneeze.  While I appreciate the fact that you're not peeing in the pool, I don't appreciate wiping down a soaking wet potty.  Hawking lugies in the pool is disgusting and the offender should be punished.  Please don't spread out all your crap on the locker room bench.  Share.  I really don't need to see you dry your hair in the buff...really, you may have a flawless physique, but you really shouldn't flaunt it in front of us mere mortals.  Furthermore, WIPE DOWN your machines when you're finished (that's what the spray bottles of disinfectant and paper towels are there for, doofus).

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  1. It's been forever since I went to a gym but I remember when I did go there was a local lawyer I was acquainted with who always did her makeup and hair in a thong. Really, I'd prefer you were just naked as opposed to the whole butt floss thing. There was also a guy who liked to come 'chat me up' while I was on the treadmill.... Ummm... I'm a little busy.