Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Down With Brown

As we pulled into the driveway two days ago, I noticed a couple of huge boxes on our porch.   I asked my husband what he ordered.  "Nothing," he answered.  Thoughts scurried through my head.  Could it be a gift of some sort?  The proceeds of a sweepstakes?  A major award?  Suddenly I felt like Ralph from A Christmas Story as I investigated these marvelous and mysterious packages.

Ace was also intrigued by these big boxes

 Drat!  The FedEx delivery person had made a horrible mistake.  While s/he had the 508 right, Walnut Street is roughly five blocks away from our house.  I called the local FedEx office.  Ring, ring, ring...then the automated messaging system kicked in.  As usual,  I smugly hold.  Nada.  Next I try pressing 0.  After a few minutes, disgruntled employee answers and informs me that I need to get the tracking numbers from the boxes.  "I don't think so," was my reply, "I am just informing you that your delivery person made a mistake and left boxes here that don't belong to us."  I suddenly feel guilty and somewhat worried that, if someone steals these packages (which commonly occurs in our college neighborhood), we'll be held responsible.  So, my husband dials the toll-free number and basically gets the same result.  So much for, non-service! 

Seriously???  Isn't the recipient concerned about his packages?  Since we have gotten nowhere with FedEx, I call the phone number on one of the boxes.  Ring, ring, ring..."The mail box of the number you have dialed is full and cannot accept new messages.  Thank you."  I next do an internet search for the dude (or dud as I might call him now...why would he pay for expedited shipping and then not complain???) and dial the phone number that appears.  No answer and no voice mail.

So I finally conclude that this might be a scam, but I feel secure in the knowledge that we've fulfilled our moral obligation.  Perhaps we'll be rewarded with a new leather bar stool and the contents of the mystery box from Amazon?  Only time will tell.

P.S.  If you know a Thomas Dimitri who lives at 508 Walnut, please tell him we did our best.  Oh, as for the title of this blog, "I'm Down with Brown," because UPS must, simply must, offer better customer service than FedEx!

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