Friday, August 20, 2010

I May Never Cook Again!

Cooking for a family of six isn't easy.  In fact, in a previous post, I've referred to the kitchen as the "room of doom."  While I try my best to prepare healthy meals, we live in a city that offers some mighty incredible food.  Even the best chefs can't resist going out to eat once and a while, right?

One of our favorite neighborhood haunts is Phillips on the corner of Maple and Cherokee streets in the university section of uptown.  Last week, Jason unveiled his new fall menu.  "Decisions, decisions," I thought to myself as I perused the menu:

I gazed like a deer in headlights, salivating, as I tried to decide.  "Come on, make a decision already, " I told myself, but that simply was not going to happen.  Rather than choose one, our group decided to order several dishes to share and compare.

First out was the homemade spinach dip.  Smooth and creamy in texture?  Check!  Delicious?  Check!  The dip is usually served with freshly made garlic toast, but we requested light crackers so we wouldn't fill up too quickly.

Next out was the NEW! Waldorf salad.  Let me say, this salad is absolutely scrumptious!  The chicken is grilled to perfection, the greens were crisp and the bleu cheese pomegranate is divine.  The salty sweet flavors are completely balanced.  Be warned, however, this is a meal in itself and all for under $10!

I had to control myself, knowing that the much-anticipated flatbreads would be coming shortly.  We sampled the veggie, pepperoni and prosciutto-pear.  Phillips is well-known for their creative pizzas, but the flatbreads are out of this world!  The intense flavors made my taste buds dance in delight.  Don't ask me how, but the paper-thin crisp crust holds up to the mounds of toppings.  While all were delicious, I suspect prosciutto-pear will become a best-seller.

Our stomachs could only hold so much.  We'll be back next week to explore the rest of the menu.  I encourage you to give Phillips a try - you will not be disappointed!

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